Supply of dining areas, cafe-bars

Elevate the culinary experience in your dining areas and cafe-bars with our premium supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. We take pride in sourcing the finest produce, ensuring that your establishment offers a vibrant and wholesome menu to discerning customers. From crisp, seasonal vegetables to succulent, ripe fruits, our supply caters to the diverse needs of both kitchens and bar areas. Create enticing salads, refreshing beverages, and appetizing dishes with our top-quality fruits and vegetables, enhancing the overall dining experience for your patrons. Our commitment to delivering freshness and flavor is unmatched, making us the preferred choice for establishments that prioritize quality in every aspect of their culinary offerings.


Having fresh fruit and vegetables delivered directly to your store in Corfu offers several significant benefits for the store owner, such as convenience and time savings. Caffe and restaurant owners can enjoy a hassle-free experience by having essential provisions brought right to their doorstep, eliminating the need to go elsewhere and shop for groceries. It also saves precious time during their operations, as they don't have to dedicate hours to provisioning, allowing more time for serving customers and managing the caffe bar effectively.




Yacht delivery through FRESH LEAF BY LIMPANTSIS is a straightforward and convenient process. Store owners can explore the diverse range of fresh fruits and vegetables online from the comfort of their Store or any location with internet access. The website offers a user-friendly interface, enabling customers to browse and select from a wide variety of produce.

To place an order, customers have two options: they can either fill in a simple online form to request an offer, specifying the types and quantities of fruits and vegetables they require, or they can choose to call the dedicated customer support phone number for personalized assistance. This flexibility ensures that customers can easily tailor their orders to their preferences and dietary needs, making the provisioning process seamless and tailored to their specific requirements. Once the order is confirmed, FRESH LEAF BY LIMPANTSIS ensures prompt and efficient delivery to the customer's Store in Corfu.


Customers have convenient options for payment when ordering from us. You can make your payment via IBAN, with the necessary details being sent to you via email by their team, ensuring a secure and straightforward transaction process. Additionally, if you prefer an in-person payment method, the driver delivering your order will also carry a point-of-sale (POS) device, allowing you to complete the payment on the spot, further ensuring flexibility and ease in settling your order. We prioritize customer convenience at every step of the provisioning process.

When ordering from FRESH LEAF BY LIMPANTSIS, you can expect instant deliveries. Their efficient service ensures that your order, whether placed through the online form or over the phone, is promptly fulfilled, and your fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered right to your yacht without delay. This instant delivery feature is designed to meet the immediate provisioning needs of Caffe- Bars owners, allowing you to enjoy your chosen produce without any unnecessary wait.


By supporting our local business that sources its products locally, yacht owners contribute to the sustainability of the region's agriculture and reduce the carbon footprint associated with food transport.